23-Vicious Circle April 15, 2024

We have been building the 1100/6000 Bed Knife Grinder for almost 18 years and there is still nothing else comparable on the market. About 12 years ago, we added the V-pallet as an option. It proved so popular that it is now standard. The problem has been that it needs to be made very precisely, to within about .001”. When we made them, we would get about a 60% yield and then rework the remaining 40%. Occasionally, one had to be scrapped because it couldn’t be reworked. This is expensive but necessary. We tried using a couple of outside vendors, a CNC shop and a grinding shop. They both had 100% rejection and all had to be reworked. And since my son, Karl, had to do the rework, he became very frustrated.

A couple of months ago, I had the idea to use the Ideal 6000 with the old bottom support pallet to grind the V-support bar. I told Karl about it and he thought is was a good idea. Always a good sign. When I got in the next morning, he already had it set up and was grinding the first bar. It came out perfect. With a couple of tweaks, we now get 100% yield. It seems pretty obvious now. The Ideal 6000 is designed to grind long flexible objects very precisely without distorting them. It feels like one of those Homer Simpson “Doh” moments.